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Lighting can create an exciting experience, something out of the ordinary and inspiring making an enjoyable atmosphere.

LED Rope Light

Our LED Rope Lights are one of the few professional LED rope light products being offered to the UK market.

LED Ribbon, Strip & Tape Lights

For Entertainment, Exhibition, retail, commercial & residential applications. We have the LED Ribbon, LED Strip Lights & LED Tape market covered with a wide range in stock.
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LED Ribbon, Strip & Rope Lights for the Retail, Commercial, Agricultural and Residential Industries.


LED Illuminations doesn’t just sell rolls of LED ribbon tape, LED rope lights and LED strip lights we enquire about your installation and offer advice on the best product for your application. If necessary we can work off plan.

We stock a large range of products but it is not feasible to hold every product in 12v & 24V, in warm white, natural white or cool white, in IP20, IP50, IP65, IP66 or IP68. In many cases, it makes your installation easier if we have a bespoke product made for you. You can then have the length you require, the voltage you require, the Kelvin you require, the IP rating you require with an integral power cable at one end, both ends and/or longer than normal. Pick up the phone NOW and speak to a member of our sales team who wants to help you with your total lighting solution including control gear and power supplies as we have an excellent technical understanding.

The Light Of Opera

English National Opera traces its roots back to 1931 when Lilian Baylis established the Sadler’s Wells Opera Company. Baylis had been presenting opera concerts and theatre in London since 1898 and was passionate about providing audiences with the best theatre and...

A Guide to Buying LED Ribbon Strip Lights

Over the years, LED lighting has become one of the most popular lighting options. Among its many benefits are its energy efficiency, long lifespan, design flexibility, and environmental friendliness. You can create mood lighting both inside and outside using LED...

Severn Estuary Navigation Aids

The Gloucester Harbour Trustees are responsible for the safety of navigation in the Gloucester Harbour, an area of the Severn Estuary stretching from seaward of the Second Severn Crossing to the weirs at Maisemore and Llantony near Gloucester and the River Wye to...