December 2020 - |

Signs You Need to Change Your Lights

How many times have you walked or driven past a building with failed lights on the outside? Chances are, when the lights were first installed, it looked amazing, but it’s probably long overdue a refit. Here are four key signs that you need to get your lighting installation updated by professionals.  Failures Sooner or (hopefully) later, all lights will fail. Sometimes, depending on the...
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LED Lighting at Cartier Store on Bond Street, London & Harrods in Knightsbridge

Christmas All Wrapped Up Last year, 2019, LED Illuminations were thrilled to provide the LED lighting for the Christmas wrap on the exterior of the Cartier Store on Bond Street, London. This year, this strange unpredictable year, London is continuing to be positive as we have not only provided the LED lighting for Cartier, Bond Street once again but Harrods in Knightsbridge have chosen LED...
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