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LED Lighting Made Simple

LED light strips are a relatively new and incredibly versatile form of lighting. They come in a vast variety of forms, they mostly, however, share the following characteristics. They consist of multiple LEDs which are mounted on a narrow and flexible, long printed circuit board Operate on lower voltage DC power Are available in a range of adjustable, or fixed lighting options of colour and...
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LED Lighting for a Residential Setting

LED Lighting is very much on trend! The number of professional and amateur interior designers turning to LED Lighting is on the rise, and there are more LED Products as well as alternatives on the market than there has ever been before. There is now more customisation and choice available for LED Lighting than there is compared with traditional incandescent and compact fluorescent...
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We are currently holding a large amount of stock of our 30LED/m RGB ribbon, so we thought what better way to start the year than give our loyal customers a treat! This ribbon is of professional quality with 30 x 5050 Epistar LED chips per metre. Our current stock is IP20 non-waterproof but it can be used along with an aluminium extrusion to give it protection. It can be cut every 100mm and we...
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