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3528 -v- 2835






The general understanding is that the numbers used to identify LED chips are the dimensions i.e.; 3528 measures 3.5mm x 2.8mm.

Unfortunately, there is some confusion/misconception regarding the 3528 and 2835 LED chips.  A lot of companies in the UK are promoting both of these as the same chip saying some manufacturers call it 3528 and others call it 2835.

This is far from the truth!  Here is some data for your information.

3528 Epistar 3.5MM X 2.8MM 0.06W 7 – 9LM/LED
2835 Cree 2.8MM X 3.5MM 0.2W 22 – 26LM/LED

LED Illuminations offers the 3528 LED chip in several formats. We have a standard 60LED/m ribbon which is economical and suitable for residential or temporary installations.  We also offer our High Performance 120LED/m ribbon which is great when you need to form a continuous line of light. Both of these strips are available in IP20 non-waterproof or IP65 waterproof finish.

LED Illuminations offer the 2835 Super Bright LED chip in different formats.  We have a 60LED/m and a 120LED/m ribbon. Once again these are available in IP20 & IP65 with adhesive tape or fixing clips for the IP65.

  • All our LED ribbon strips are dimmable.
  • Available in 12V or 24Vdc – requires a low voltage transformer.
  • 120-degree beam angle.
  • Available in 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white) and 6000K (cool white).
  • Operating temperature -25c degree to + 60c degree
  • 3-year warranty (see our terms & conditions).

We carry a large quantity of stock, but should you require a bespoke LED ribbon we are able to have any combination made with an approximate 3-week lead-time.

To discuss any of the above data or find out more information about any of our wide LED ribbon strip range call our Sales Team on 01492 233002 or email