LED Illuminations provide lighting solutions to a wide array of industries. We have supplied the best LED lighting products, such as our LED ribbon tape, waterproof LED rope lights, LED strip lights, LED flood lights and LED ceiling panels around the world. We have distributed the highest quality products and excellent customer service to major UK department stores, the agricultural industry, super cruise ships and even major television studios including the Jonathon Ross Show.  LED Lighting can be adapted to be the perfect lighting option for all sorts of applications.

Domestic LED Lighting: LED lighting could not only save you money on your electricity bills thanks to its greater energy efficiency compared to other forms of lighting but it is also a great options for creating a statement with your lighting. LEDs can make light an integral part of your interior designs. With their flexible and adaptable technology you can use overhead and accent lighting in ways you had never considered before. LED lighting is fast becoming the recognised mark of a modern and fashionable home. LED ribbon tape is easy to install and due to its physical size it makes a fantastic choice to illuminate anywhere in your home.

Commercial LED Lighting: LED lighting has become the preferred options for lighting in all kinds of commercial applications. LEDs can either produce clear bright light while using less energy, making them perfect for offices or it can produce general soft light in a wide spectrum of tones enabling them to be the preferred choice of lighting for hotels, spas, lifts and even museums since their light is less damaging to precious artefacts.

LED Lighting in Retail: Our products with a high CRI make them the best option for all lighting solutions. LED lighting is extremely versatile when it comes to the range of tones and shades of colour it can produce. They have a high CRI (colour rendering index) and this is what enables them to be the best option for all lighting solutions. Did you know that the way lighting is used can actually effect the behaviour of shoppers? The right style of lighting in the right areas can influence customers buying habits positively so you should always choose the right type of lighting for your business.

LED Lighting in Agriculture: Recent studies and research have shown that LED lighting can actually be a benefit to the healthy growth of plants and help deliver a greater milk yield in dairy herds. LEDs are clearly the best solution for lighting in the agricultural industry. We have supplied a wide range of our LED products to the dairy industry including our excellent LED flood lights.


LED Concealed Lighting in Lift

LED lighting is very popular for lift applications due to the low down time of internal lighting.

LED Lighting is the obvious choice for museum who are exhibiting precious artifacts.

Hotels are reducing their energy bills by installing LED lighting where lights are often left on by guests and in areas where lighting is required to be on 24/7.

LED lighting is very popular in health clubs, gyms & spas.