We all have in our homes, workplaces, or venues with a dark corner/area which we never know what to do with.

If there isn’t much space to place interesting furniture or hang dramatic wallpaper, then LED lighting could be the answer!

Recently, Cobham Rugby & Sports Association asked LED Illuminations for their help with lighting a dark and utilitarian staircase.  The staircase is used when ‘The Cobham Curve’ is rented out as a Wedding Venue, for business events or just a party.

led strip lights

To access the large upstairs room, guests had to use a staircase which was ‘functional’. As the stairs had an open tread they thought by adding a colour change LED strip to the underside of each tread, they could customise the colour scheme to fit each individual event. We supplied a single zone wireless remote colour controller which controlled the LED lights by talking via radio frequency to a wireless reciever installed out of sight along with the 24V Meanwell transformer.  For protection the LED ribbon strip was housed in a surface extrusion with frosted diffuser.


Lionel Frewin, who organised the lighting and installation commented:

(we have received) ‘Great feedback from members etc on the installation’.


Due to the small physical size of the LED colour change ribbon, it can be mounted and concealed easily, leaving only the effect to be seen.  Our LTech range of colour controllers allows you to have a wall mounted plate and/or a remote control.  The Cobham Curve wanted all stair treads to synchronise but if they had gone with a multi-zone controller and multiple receivers, they could have had groups of stair treads in different colours or scrolling at different times through the rainbow of colours.


If you have an area, you think would benefit from some subtle lighting, give our sales team a call on 01492 233002.