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Case Study: Galeri Caernarfon Cyf




Galeri Caernarfon Cyf’s cafe front, before renovation.


As a LED company based in Llandudno, we were thrilled when Galeri Caernarfon Cyf contacted us to discuss the refurbishment of their bar and cafe.

Galeri, based on Caernarfon’s Victoria Dock, was officially opened in April 2005. The opening of Galeri marked a significant development for the arts and creative industries in North Wales. Housing a theatre & cinema, art space, two 100m2 studios, sound-proof rehearsal rooms, 24 work units, meeting rooms and a cafe bar. The Centre hosts between 400-500 eventsannually.

We worked closely with Neil Davies of Galeri Caernarfon Cyf, who had commissioned a bespoke bar/servery to be made out of timber, slate and copper.

As the bar had curves, it was decided that we would use our bendable LED ribbon, the timber sections would be lit with a colour change (RGB), the slate with cool white (6000K) and the copper with warm white (3000K).  The RGB colour change LED ribbon would be controlled using our DMX stand alone controller housed behind the bar and operated either via the module or by remote control.

Behind the bar/servery were a number of wall mounted shelves which were lit using our waterproof colour change (RGB) LED ribbon controlled by our compact and economical remote RGB controller. We also supplied 1m lengths of our recessed extrusion with frosted diffuser.

The difference to the atmosphere and space generally is amazing making it a warm and welcoming environment to spend time in.  LED Illuminations wishes Galeri all the best- now, and in the future.


 Take a look at the result of our work:


The next project for Galeri will be to build an extension onto the existing building. This will house two dedicated cinema screens that will enable the screening of new ‘on release’ titles and LED Illuminations (2009) Ltd will look forward in assisting Galeri Caernarfon Cyf with their future LED lighting requirements.