There’s nothing better than unwinding in your personal sanctuary at the end of a long day at work. With the lights low, music playing, and wearing your most comfortable clothes, you can kick back and relax. LED ribbon strip lights can help you create these things even if you live in a house with fluorescent overhead lighting! You can create the perfect cosy atmosphere in your home and make it easier to unwind at the end of the day by installing LED strip lights anywhere in the room. Keep reading to find out more ways you can create a cosy home with LED lights.



When arriving at your house, there is nothing better than a warm light to make your home look welcoming. To create a cosy entrance, you can add a touch of light at your front door which can double up as security lighting. LEDs are great because they are easy on the eyes and give off just enough light to navigate your way in.


Once inside, there are many  ways you can use strip lights, behind the mirror or near a coat rack. You can also get dimmer controllers if you want to create a calming atmosphere, as bright lights in halls or entryways can be distracting and uncomfortable. LEDs are far more efficient and last longer than other types of light bulbs, making them perfect for hallways and places where bulbs may get too hot or break easily.




You can create a cosy atmosphere in your bathroom by installing led strip lights above or under your bathroom counter or sink. By dimming these lights, you can make your bathroom more intimate by changing the brightness based on the time of day or night.


Even the bottom of your bath can be softly illuminated by LED strips to provide relaxing, low-light ambience. Just don’t get too relaxed that you fall asleep in the tub!

strip lights



 A soft light streaming over your cooking area not only looks nice, but it can also help to create a calm and cosy atmosphere while cooking a meal for your family. You can line your kitchen cabinets with narrow flexible lighting that matches your cabinetry to create under-cabinet lighting. For an easy solution without drilling holes into your expensive appliances, install LED strips between your fridge and kitchen cabinets.




The lounge is where we typically spend much of our time when we are at home, so it’s important to have a cosy atmosphere and make sure that we can unwind. You can achieve this by using some good quality warm white led strip lights to add some soft and even lighting. With these lights, you can dim them for nights in with your family or friends.




Not only is the bedroom a place of rest, but it is also a place of relaxation. By installing LED strip lights underneath your bedside table or along your skirting board, you can create an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom. Light from these will reflect off surfaces and create a soft glow that will warm up any room, creating that cosy atmosphere you’re looking for.



LED lights are one of the best ways you can create a cosy home while saving costs on your energy bill. Our LED strip and rope lights are available in white (warm, natural and cool) colours, as well as colour changing options, so you can choose the perfect colour to match your room to create that cosy atmosphere.


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