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LED Ideas for the Home

Lighting is by far one of the most integral decisions that you could make in a home. Lights are used for all different varieties of reasons, highlighting specific task areas, zone spaces or to change the mood of a room. It can also add some visual interest and bring attention to the design features of a home, as the art of architectural details.

Over the past few years, interior designers, as well as homeowners, have begun leaning towards using LED lighting in various applications more than anyone might have thought. When you really think about it, it’s no wonder why. LED lighting is super efficient and uses around 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting. This is not only much better for the environment, but it also means that you will save a lot in energy bills to boot!


Dimmable LED lights in your living space

This means that you can have different moods than can be created depending on what’s happening or what light could be needed. Additionally, it’s great for the little ones, as kids can also have the lights dimmed in the nighttime, rather than having a nightlight.

Normally you would expect to find downlights in each corner of the room. But if you have an ornate ceiling then you might not want to do that. If you place the lights in groupings of two, in more discrete parts of the ceiling, then you will have a pleasant lighting effect without affecting your room’s style and aesthetic negatively.

You will then get a modern lighting solution that works perfectly with classic styles – the combination works wonderfully if done right.


Strip lighting in a bathroom. 

LED strip lighting is such a great way to bring mood lighting into the bathroom suite. LED lighting strips applied in places such as underneath the medicine cabinet can add some attractive ambient lighting without being visible. This is thanks to their out-of-sight placement. 

When turned on they provide a soft glow and a lovely evening atmosphere. They are also a great idea when it comes to homes with kids. They can be switched on all night to guide the little ones to the bathroom when they need to make a visit. 


Wall Lighting

LED up/down wall lights are another great option as they light the space while giving the walls some additional feature when switched off. Their modern shape allows them to stand as architectural decorations all on their own. 


Outdoor lighting

LEDs don’t have to be restricted to the home at all, they can extend to outside too. They can be calibrated with sensors to light up when you approach the house at night. Security-wise, they also switch on if any unexpected guests approach, so they can double up as a safety feature. You can get creative with LED rope lighting and brighten up your garden or patio.

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