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Lucy Yong, a final year student studying Art & Design at the University of Leeds, contacted LED Illuminations in March looking for sponsorship for her design show. 

Lucy has been exploring concepts of memory, loss and nostalgia through an installation of light boxes. Created in response to her grandparents putting their house up for sale, the installation captures the emotional and historic significance of the place, incorporating backlit photographs of the house which have been layered with old snapshot photographs and text from books and diaries found in the house

The boxes are made from MDF wood and are powered by white LED strip lights which have been mounted onto wooden panels in horizontal rows. The panels are slotted into the back of each box behind a semi-transparent photograph which disperses the light. The backlighting of the photographs increases their brightness and clarity, which helped her to produce a nostalgic and poignant atmosphere.

In the future, Lucy would like to pursue being an artist and designer, with the hopes of working within the creative industries. Although keeping her options open at the moment, she is interested in utilising technology to produce artwork or graphic designs.

LED Illuminations were pleased to supply their High Performance 120 x 3528 LED ribbon in 6000K to backlight each of the twenty-two light boxes.  This quality Epistar SMD LED allows for great flexibility which in turn allows for stunning and creative effects.  Because of its physical size it can easily be concealed in an application.  With cut marks every 25mm, the LED ribbon can be cut to fit any installation.  The LED ribbon comes with 3M adhesive tape for easy fitting. 

This is a 12V products which in turn requires a 12V LED transformer


LED Illuminations also stock this LED ribbon in Natural White (4000K) and Warm White (3000K).  Please call our sales team on 01492 233002 or email sales@ledilluminations.com with details of your project.