LED Illuminations Lights up Cartier in London - Waterproof LED Ribbon Lights |

LED Illuminations Lights up Cartier in London

Christmas must be just around the corner!  Ingenius Productions, a design & production company based in London contacted LED Illuminations to supply the LED lighting for the Christmas Wrap of the Cartier London Store.  A five-storey listed building which today is the home of Cartier, the 150 year-old worldwide famous manufacturer of jewellery creations, watches, perfumes and luxury accessories.

The specification was for 100m of waterproof RGBW colour change LED ribbon lights. This was to be powered by Meanwell 24V IP67 transformers and controlled via DMX.

The LED ribbon was to be housed in an aluminium extrusion with clear diffuser that would be placed in a wooden carcass with a fabric covering.  Thought had to be given to heat dissipation because of the enclosures but the quality LED ribbon is manufactured on a substantial copper band which acts as an excellent thermal management.

The RGBW LED ribbon has a 4-in-1 chip for smooth colour change. The LED ribbon had to be  IP67 rated and 24Vdc. 

LED Illuminations supplies Meanwell low voltage direct current transformers as Meanwell are known as the market leader in power supplies and there is no room for power problems in any installation.

Likewise Sunricher waterproof IP67 4 channel DMX Decoders were supplied to read the DMX address. 

The lead-time for supplying the products was very short but LED Illuminations made sure that Ingenius Productions were kept informed on availability and delivery dates this giving everyone in the chain confidence that the dead-line could be met.

London Christmas lights are getting more and more sophisticated year on year and so it is important for retail stores to make sure they stand out from their competitors.  Cartier has been wrapped in a red Christmas bow for many years which has now become their Christmas ‘trade-mark’.