LED Strip Light Applications |



With so many different LED strip lights in our current product range it is easy to create a stunning individual look in your home, on your exhibition stand, in your restaurant/hotel or retail shop.

IN YOUR HOME: Use our waterproof LED strip light under your wall cabinets in the kitchen which will give you excellent task lighting as well as mood lighting when dimmed. This LED strip light is perfect for lighting shelves in your bathroom as it is IP66 rated. In the bedroom you could use our high performance LED strip light behind your headboard as a feature or inside your wardrobe to make choosing the perfect outfit so much easier.

ON YOUR EXHIBITION STAND: Our Digital LED strip light allows you to create many effects, including chasing which can be used to direct potential customers onto your stand. The Digital LED strip light comes on 5m reels and can be used with our 130 effect controller, have a look at our kit prices!

IN YOUR RESTAURANT/HOTEL: We already supply a national chain of pubs with our waterproof LED strip lighting to light the fascia of their buildings. We offer a bespoke service where we can have lengths made to order with extra long integral power cables to make installation easy.

RETAIL SHOP: Reflect your company colours, our RGB colour change LED strip light offers 16.7 million different shades! This could be concealed in a suspended ceiling giving an eye catching feature. Housing the RGB LED strip light in one of our extrusions with diffuser will make smart under shelf lighting.

We have sourced our LED strip lights from the same manufacturer for the past 5 years, even though we could buy cheaper elsewhere, no price can replace consistent high quality products along with excellent customer service. Call us on 01492 233002 or email sales@ledilluminations.com and speak to our technically knowledgeable sales team for advice on the best product for your application and putting together a total lighting solution.