LED lighting is an extremely effective and cost-effective way to light your space. This can be used in a myriad of settings; this includes home, commercial, professional, medical, entertainment or industrial settings.

This post will focus on LED commercial projects.

LED light strips are used because they are very versatile, have low maintenance, and low running costs. Many sectors, like retail, have been making use of LEDs for many a year now, the technology however has come an incredibly long way in recent years.

When it comes to commercial properties, they are very easy to retrofit with LED lighting, which helps you to bring the premises into 2021 without having to do any deep restructuring.

Benefits of LED for commercial properties

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

Bright lighting

LED Bulbs emit a much higher quality of light than traditional lighting applications making it a pleasant environment to work and be in. Bulbs such as these, if fitted with the correct control gear, do not buzz, flicker or crackle – which would result in employees suffering from eye strain, migraines or headaches. Employees need to be able to focus on the task at hand, and lighting issues will interfere with their daily tasks. LED lighting contributes to a better/pleasant lighting environment.


LED lighting is kind to your wallet and the planet! The cost of purchasing the LEDs is soon recouped with low running costs. Incandescent lighting contain chemicals like mercury which are harmful to the environment when disposed and should the bulb break, you are in danger of being exposed to mercury. LEDs on the other hand do not contain mercury and as long as they are disposed of through the correct channels do not cause further harm.


LED Lighting is now available in an array of shades (kelvin) and the brightness can be adjusted simply. This allows you to have complete control over your lighting environment and system.

A high quality LED system can offer a much higher return on investment and allow your staff to work in a happier, more stable and well-lit environment. 

LED Products

LEDs are available in a variety of forms. This includes the following

LED Ribbon Strip

LED strips are easily the most versatile of LED lighting, they can be cut down to size and stuck just about everywhere. They are commonly found in the hospitality industry, and the flexibility and colour consistency of LED Strips makes this ideal for decorative purposes, creating an instant mood effect. You can even put them outside if they are water-resistant (IP rating 65+). This means they can be used for restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and other forms of business.

LED Panels

These are great for offices, airports, retail environments, schools, universities and much more. LED panels can produce a bright light up to 50,000 hours before replacing and easily sit in place of a suspended ceiling panel (600 x 600, 600 x 300 etc).

LED High Bays

These emit an impressively high lumen output, providing excellent task lighting in a business environment while making significant energy savings.

LED Wire Systems

These are ideal for residential, retail, exhibitions, or hospitality. These are low voltage studio-style lighting that can be mounted on the wall or a ceiling giving a contemporary feel to any room.

LED Rope Lighting

This is ideal for long dark areas like tunnels which need an economic and effective method of lighting.