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LED Lighting for Retail

Creating optimal lighting for a retail environment can be a challenging task – this is where a specialist retail lighting expert comes in. With different areas of the store requiring different lighting types; a store front will require different lighting arrangements when compared to product specific lighting. For all retail store purposes, LED lighting is the obvious choice.


In the modern age of shopping and store designs, retailers are aware that stores will need at least four different lighting configurations:

  • Task lighting which will give employees and customers the best lighting to carry out transactions.
  • Accent lighting that creates a special lighting zone to highlight product and to emphasise product displays.
  • Decorative lighting to add atmosphere and to create a brand image and the vibe that the store wants to emulate. 
  • Ambient lighting to eliminate any gloomy or shadowy areas. 

LED is well-suited to all of these different configurations and importantly, LED is the next best thing to natural light for retail stores. 


Traditional incandescent or fluorescent retail lighting fixtures illuminate only a limited range of light-temperatures and colour-rendering indices, making them a suitable choice for a limited number of retail lighting applications. In stark contrast, LED lighting systems are adaptable and extremely flexible for all retail lighting requirements. These systems can provide overall store lighting, ranging from cold and bright to toned down and warm. 


Due to the adaptability of LEDs, different types can be installed in areas that require task lighting, such as checkout desks, entrances and dressing rooms. Accent lighting for specific areas of the store can be tuned across a wide range of colours to give optimum lighting to separate display areas, in order to highlight specific features of products. As the technology behind LEDs has become so advanced, bulbs have become available for bespoke decorative lighting that can reflect a store’s style and overall brand image.


There are a wide number of benefits associated with the use of LEDs for retail applications; but the main by far is the operating cost savings that LED lighting provides. An LED fixture can provide 50,000 hours of useful operation, and they generate the same quality and level of illumination as traditional fixtures with less than half the energy input. There will be noticeable and immediate savings and lower maintenance with a switch over to LED.


Retail stores such as art galleries have made a conscious swap to LED lighting, as traditional lighting such as CFL and fluorescent bulbs produce UV radiation which is harmful to artwork. LED doesn’t produce harmful UV radiation, which makes them a much safer choice in a retail setting. Many major brands have already refitted their stores with LED lighting, and this trend is only likely to accelerate with the development in LED lighting technology.