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Lighting Up Your Home with LED Light Strips

Bright and colourful lights installed in the right way can look really cool and futuristic. LED light strips have progressed since they first hit the market; which means you can wave goodbye to the year-round Christmas lights for something cleaner-looking. One of the best things about LED strips is that they’re thin and flexible, so they can be placed where traditional lighting can’t go – such as under cabinets and drawers – making them multi-functional.

Your options as to where you put LED strips are only limited to your imagination, where you have a power outlet and where you don’t mind adhering something sticky to! Here are some of the best ideas for how to use LED light strips. 



Open-riser stairs look especially futuristic with LED lights and they’re also providing a needed function as the gaps can prove to be treacherous at night; but with some carefully placed LEDs you don’t need to worry about slipping up.

Giving your stairs a sleek and stylish look, they also make them easier to navigate when the main lights are off, soft ambient lighting is the trend for this year.



You’ve seen those old Hollywood style vanity mirrors, the ones surrounded by light bulbs with the movie starlets constantly looking into them. You can achieve a much more subtle effect by backlighting with LED light strips; and you don’t take away the valuable reflective surface by covering it with big bulbs. It also gives off a softer glow light and provides a more even level of lighting which is essential for when you want to look your best.



Shelves are a great way to bring more storage and organisation into a room; but with the addition of some strip lights they can double up as a display for the items that they hold. Some classic plain white LED lights can really help to highlight meaningful mementos. 

Shelving exists in many places within the home, and the flexibility of LED strips makes it easy to add a bit of extra illumination to those dark areas, such as corner cupboards or tight spaces.


Under Cabinets, Couches & Beds

Sometimes, the funky and interesting bars and lounges have cool glowing lights under their couches – this doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, with LED strip lights you can achieve the same look and ambience for far less-expense. Using LEDs in the bedroom can help to give it a subtle ambient glow which can result in the room feeling bigger.

Installing some under cabinet lighting in the kitchen or the bathroom is functional and looks good; being able to see when you’re preparing food is a big plus, and it can also help to create some mood lighting in the kitchen for socialising.