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New Budget Range

After much consideration LED Illuminations has decided to add a Budget Range of LED ribbons to their product range.  These will in no way take place of our existing Professional range but hopefully offer an economical range where on occasions the professional range is not required.

When we started out 10 years ago, there probably were 1,000 UK LED companies fighting for business. Now it is more likely 10,000 companies and so business is more competitive.

We, therefore, appreciate that our customers are facing a competitive market place as well.

Because of this situation, LED Illuminations NEW Budget Range of LED ribbons can be used as an alternative for jobs where the budget is tight.

This is sourced from Europe so, if we do not have the LED ribbon you are looking for in stock it can be obtained within a week.

The LED Budget range will only be supplied on a full 5m reel, shorter lengths will not be available. Our existing Control Gear and Transformer range is compatible with these LED ribbons.

The Budget Range currently consists of (IP20):

This range has been added to our website, Ribbons & Light Strips on our home page, after opening this tab there is a list in the right-hand margin containing Budget Range.  Here you can find datasheets with the full technical specification as we are sure there are many applications for this new range.

The LED Illuminations Sales Team are on hand to help you with your transformer and control gear requirements. Telephone: 01492 233002 or Email: sales @ledilluminations.com