As we have such a wide range of LED ribbon strips in our current product offering, it is easy to create a unique look for your space. In this article, we will look at different places you can use our high-quality LED strip lights to help transform your space.



In Your Home


With our waterproof LED strip lighting, you can create a beautiful mood lighting effect in your kitchen as well as excellent task lighting. Due to its IP66 rating, this LED strip light is perfect for lighting shelves in your bathroom. You can use our high-performance LED strip light in the bedroom as a feature behind your headboard, or in your wardrobe to help decide what to wear.

Led strip lights


On Exhibition Stands


Exhibiting and designing exhibition stands is a very competitive industry! Your products need to stand out and be noticeable when prospective buyers are walking through crowded aisles.

With our Digital LED strip light, you can create a variety of effects such as chasing, to draw potential customers to your exhibit. The Digital LED strip light comes on 5m reels and can be used with our 130-effect controller.

exhibition stands


In Your Restaurant


Dining can be greatly enhanced by the right lighting. A restaurant’s success can be greatly impacted by its lighting. Lighting is essential to attracting and retaining customers, whether you want to get noticed by passer-by or create a welcoming environment.


We already supply a national chain of pubs with our high powered LED strip lighting to illuminate their facias. In order to make installation easier, we can make lengths made to order with extra long integrated power cables.

restaurant lighting


Retail Shop


Our RGB colour change LED strip light can scroll through 16.7 million different shades so you can reflect your retail company’s brand! An eye-catching feature would be concealed in a suspended ceiling. Under shelf lighting can be made smart by enclosing the RGB LED strip light in one of our extrusions with diffusers.

retail shop lighting


Office Space


Lighting solutions suitable for office and commercial environments are available from us, including LED ceiling panels, LED dimmable downlights and LED tubes. We can also work with specifiers to create a comfortable, dynamic, and healthy working environment. Providing you with a total lighting solution is what we do best!

office lights



Here at LED Illuminations, we source a wide range of high-quality LED strip lights. Call us on 01492 233002 or email and speak to our technically knowledgeable sales team for advice on the best product for your application and putting together a total lighting solution.