To support our wide range of LED products we offer simple to use remote colour LED controllers, dimmers and motion & light sensors for residential use right through to DMX controllers, data repeaters, 0-10V modules and decoders for the professional market.

The RGB colour controllers can produce a staggering 16.7m different shades and by using the pause button you can hold the exact colour to match your requirements. Dimming can be achieved by using a 1-10V module, PWM module or a wall mounted dimming switch.
LEDs are known for their energy saving, this can be increased even further by using a Light & Motion sensor. Simple to wire in you can set the light level you require and the time the light remains on. If there is sufficient natural light the sensor will not operate.

The stand-alone DMX controllers come with 30 pre-programmed channels which creates stunning effects whether in static, scrolling or jumping mode. If you have a large application the capacity of a controller can simply be increased by using a data repeater. This unit cannot be programmed independantly but follows the command of the master unit. If you already have a DMX desk in situ our RGB LED products can be controlled by this desk via our DMX decoders. The decoder receives the DMX address. Manual address is possible by dip switches.