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There are times when a rigid strip light is needed rather than the flexible LED ribbon.  For residental applications, we have sourced a versatile rigid LED strip light which comes in three sizes – 120mm, 300mm & 600mm.  These LED strip lights can be operated individually or by using the ‘push together’ technology at both ends of each strip light it allows you to make up a seamless linear lengths to fit your application.  If you need to navigate a corner, use the inter-connecting cables!  Protected (IP20) with a clear plastic cover allows the strip light to be wiped clean without damage. For commercial applications we have an extremely bright 1W Luxeon LED modules.  Wired in series of three the LED modules are connected by a 100mm flex. This aluminium housed waterproof (IP68) LED Module makes it ideal for external applications such as signage, marking etc.  The modules are very easy to install as they come with integral screw flanges.


Super bright Cree 2835 dimmable LED ribbon – ideal for those project that need something extra!

A quality product available with 60 or 120LED/m, IP20 or waterproof and 12Vdc or 24Vdc.

The non-waterproof IP20 ribbon is sold by the metre whilst the Waterproof is sold by the 5m reel.

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3-in-1 RGB LED waterproof sign module.  IP67 rating makes this ideal for external applications.

Housing quad 5050 SMD LED which are dimmable.

20 modules on a string, each module is connected by a 110mm flex.  Easy to install with integral screw flanges.

Requires a colour controller & 12Vdc transformer.

CE Certified & RoHS compliant.

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Waterproof High Performance LED Sign Module

High powered Luxeon 1 watt LED waterproof sign module. Aluminum housing and IP68 rating makes it ideal for concealed external applications.
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