LED Light StripsHow do you know you will get a quality product when you make an on-line purchase?

You only have to go to Google and search LED Ribbon, LED Tape or LED Light Strips and you will get pages of results. How can you recognise a genuine seller from a ‘back bedroom’ setup?

The beauty of selling on-line is anyone can make a website look professional buy adding some photos showing prestigious installations – they don’t actually say they supplied the products but the inclination is there.

The price of LED Ribbon Tape varies so much, some mark there prices up to attract the purchaser who thinks if he pays a lot it must be good and some are selling at such low prices it is hard for us genuine distributors to see how they can!

We could purchase our LED Ribbon Tape & LED light strips much cheaper than we do but we have worked with our manufacturers for many years and the quality and service they provide us and in-directly our customers is priceless.

The LED chips are from reputable companies like Samsung and Epistar the LED is produced by a company called HongLI.  Honglitronic is a High-tech Enterprise, founded in 2004. Honglitronic has been committed to the research and development of LED packaging. They have over 47,000㎡ of LED encapsulation workshop, with hundreds of automated LED production lines. They supply many distinguished clients in mainland China. As one of the first manufacturers in mainland China to pass the IES LM-80 6,000-hour test, their LED package components comply with the U.S.A. energy star test standard, which provides a strong quality assurance for all products sold both at home and abroad.

They are proud to offer to the commercial, architectural and automotive market high reliability and uniform chromaticity, brighter and higher efficient products. A choice of CRI: >70, >80, >90. Macadam 6 step controlled Binning, corresponding to ANSI colour sorting standard, high Yield, bin concentration rate up to 98%.

These high quality LEDs are then incorporated into many different styles of LED ribbon tape. Their 3528 LED is used on our standard LED Ribbon Tape and High Performance LED Strip. The larger and brighter 5050 LED is used on our Professional range of LED Tape which is offered in non-waterproof and IP66 rated LED Ribbon. We have just added their highest lumen output LED, the 5630 to our product range. Another new LED ribbon is the Side Emitting ribbon which incorporates a slim 335 LED. A LED Tape attracting a lot of attention is the Bendable 2835 ribbon which can be bent on the vertical or horizontal plane to 90 degrees. Up until recently if you mixed all the colours on RGB ribbon you would get not a true white but we now offer a RGBW with a quad LED housing a red, green blue and Kelvin specific white (3000k, 4500k & 6000K).

And so if you want a quality product backed up with good technical know how call our sales team on 01492 233002 to get advice on which LED is the best for your current project.