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Strange Times!

In January, how many of us could have predicted that the world would close down for several months?


I called about 75 customers last week just to get a feel for who is working and who is not.  I would say about 2/3rds are in some form or another back at their desks.


I received a mixed bag of responses, some companies are making the most of the time, others have diversified where possible, but I finished a couple of conversations feeling very sad.  Companies that have been operating very successfully for many years suddenly due to no fault of their own stopped trading and have little hope of trading again this year.


Every day in the office of LED Illuminations is different.  Our customer base is remarkably diverse so that when the phone goes you never know what sort of project you will be asked to help with next.  The majority of our work is Trade with only a small amount of residential end users.  Last week someone purchased a length of waterproof LED ribbon to illuminate their caravan awning and then in the afternoon we were quoting to provide many metres of our professional LED rope to a tunnelling company.


None of use know how this year will end, will their be a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19, will there be the largest recession ever but lets be positive and hope that the Governor of the Bank of England is right when he said that the Country has never gone into a recession so quickly and predicts that it will come out just as quick.  Once everything has re-opened, I believe it is the nature of the human being to ‘return to normal’ and the one thing UK is good at is shopping!


Here at LED Illuminations we have good levels of stock across our range and will do our utmost to offer our high quality LED ribbon, LED rope, LED accessories etc at a competitive price to help you all get going again.