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The Importance of Lighting

The average person might not realise it, but light is perhaps one of the most critical elements in interior design. Lighting plays with our senses, perceptions, experiences and it has the ability to completely change a design. 


Lights, such as LED rope lights, have the capacity to create an atmosphere much more than a piece of furniture or an accessory can. Light is an integral part of any interior design project, and it must be included and thought about from the beginning of the project. If it hasn’t been done correctly it’s immediately noticeable.  We can find ourselves in the most beautiful space in the world, but if enough time hasn’t been dedicated to the study and design of the lighting, our experience will leave us dissatisfied.


When designing a space, it is absolutely essential to define the experience that we want to create.  Dim and indirect lighting creates a much more intimate space that encourages relaxation, while white and direct lighting activates our brains and allows us to see smaller details. Choose the type of light depending on the creative concept that we are working on and the room it will be in.  Each and every one of the elements that we incorporate into our spaces is in response to a need and the essence of the project itself and lighting is one of these elements.


How to Light Your Home

Do we give the lighting in our homes the importance it deserves? We are starting to light our homes better and better. Some of the keys to lighting our homes well are: using a warm light temperature for common areas; mixing direct light with indirect light to create different ambiences;  and using LED strips in wardrobes, a cheap trick that is very useful for daily life. 


Lighting is a personal component, just like furniture. We, as lighting specialists can give general advice but, in the end, we don’t live in the spaces in the same way, and each house must be a true reflection of the wishes of its owners. The type of light used will depend on the experience you want to create. They can be technical, with a design that serves their function, but they can also play a decorative role.


Lighting Workspaces

The current trend in workspaces is moving towards open and shared spaces.  This is the case for many co-working spaces. Working in a space for many hours and having a computer in front of you causes visual fatigue, and with good lighting you can guarantee that the user will be able to work through intensive, and sometimes extensive, workdays, without straining their eyes.